The one who realised that a dagger might not be the most effective way to kill.


To Shivani, a fight could, more often than not be won before it was even conceptualized. A non-battle was the battlefield she manouvered, and she did so well.

Using powerful enchantments to lull her foes into a deep slumber, she prefers to kill them while they are unconcious. A clean kill is the best kill after all.

Should all else fail, she resorts to spellcasting, thus adding to her arsenal of already powerful mind-controlling powers.


Perhaps due to poor disposition or a lack of common manners, little was learned about Shivani as she offered to answer any questions the party might have had.
However, they learned that she was undead, and that she, to some degree, is still mortal. Nocecil also learnt about conception of children.

Yet, while she might seem callous and cold, she understands well the terror of dying without closure, and she attempted to show the party any and all mercy she could by being willing to answer any questions before attempting to snuff out the flame of their life.

Eventually, through effort and skill both, the party managed to dispose of her, and her body disintegrated, leaving only a hollow prism.


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