In battle, Nocecil’s main weapons is his potions and his spear. With various ways to improve his prowess, he sports massive range and impressive strength. However, being more used to fighting unintelligent creatures rather than intelligent combatants, he is used to appearing as a more intimidating target which would often make him more of a target versus strategizing enemies.

However, when facing extreme adversity, such as being cursed by Lindelei, the undead priestess, he seems liable to opt out of battle, perhaps suggesting a preference to avoid potentially deadly encounters.


While little is known about Nocecil’s past, he somehow wound up under the Tutorage of Richard, the barkeep of Genosia. Honing his skill while working at the inn, he eventually became quite the skilled mixologist, and developed some rather entertaining skills, some of which led to him getting a fair bit of attention from Birgitte, the resident bar maiden.

After Hans was taken by a pack of wolves, he, alongside the other players, set out to save him, before being assigned to track down a fugitive. Upon mission success, they returned to Genosia for a few days to work before setting out again. (After having displayed an incredible ability to pour beer.)

Upon arriving in Kentraan, he joined the Adventurere’s Initiative.


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