In combat, Chad is a rather straight forward fighter, preferring a warhammer and a tower shield to sport an impressive defense. Having received dual training with the Guard and the Clergy, he has proven able to utilize his relic to weaken certain undead enemies.

More often than not, he prefers to hold the front line, taking on any opponent that might see it fit to attack him.


At some point during his childhood, the young Half-Elf Chad was orphaned, and thanks to his young age, does not remember an awful lot about his past. However, he was found by the Clergy and was eventually adopted by the Genosian chapel mother.

Now well into his 20’s, Chad had enjoyed training from both the Chapel and the Guard and has become the very image of an adventurer, even if he has expressed a wish to join the Clergy as a paladin.

Loyal to the clergy and good intentions, he helped save Hans, fight undead monsters and catching escaped criminals.
His newest mission made him take on the form of a letter boy, and also wound up in him joining the Adventurer’s initiative.


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