As a dedicated summoner, Arthus prefers hanging back in battle, often letting his eidolon, Theris, do the heavy lifting while he himself supports from afar.

Being one of the youngest members of the group, and a human and that, Arthus is not as brawly as the rest of the group. However, he is seen to have an eye for strategy and a decent overview of the battleground whenever the party engages in combat.


While little is known about his exact past, it is known that he had a dog at some point. After discovering his powers and his connection to the other realm, he became rather closely acquainted with the Clergy and received training from Hildegaard, the Chapel Mother of Genosia.

Possessing a certain power of self, he handles himself well enough in social situations, despite often appearing a bit quiet and witholding.
Even so, he spend a lot of time with his Eidolon, Theris, and the two has come to work quite well together.

Thanks to his kind and forthcoming behaviour, those around him has a tendency to confide in him, and thanks to this, he has been able to prevent a few disasters, such as saving Brendan from an unknown assailant.
Due to this, some in Genosia has begun to think of him as some sort of selfless hero, and is well liked in Genosia.


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