Alia - The Age of Exploration

Chapter 5

Farewell dear daughter

Dearest Petra,

I’ve walked this continent for a great many years now, trying to help where I can, trying to keep the forces of evil from taking over. But now in the end, it seems like it’s time for me to depart.

You said the clerics at the Temple healed me, the Chapel Mother herself, a fey not quite unlike us. Yet I doubt that even Goodwoman Hildegaard would be able to mend these wounds. Too deep and too grave, these words will be the last you’ll see of me on this earth.
Yet, there is still hope.

The travellers you fought with I have been following for some time now. By all means mundane and earthly, they aren’t who you’d expect to be heroes, yet, as I tracked you down through the temple dungeons, I saw what you were able to acheive. It filled me with hope. After all, those touched by luck often succeed where others would fail-
Perhaps they might be the ones pull mankind out of the coming catastrophe.
My last request is for you to go with them, to watch over them and all the others that I came to care for. You will never become as powerful as I was, but you are still more capable than most.

All in all. I had a good run. Now as my life draws to an end, I regret little. I’ve become an old man, and I am happy to have given my life to save the four of you from that unholy menace in the catacombs.

Walk forever with my blessings.
Your Loving Father



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