The Twin Valkyries

Yngvil and Hel came into existence together. «Born» as sisters, they shared a purpose. Both were considered angels of death. They are said to descend upon the world to carry away the spirits of the fallen mortals, and by extension, also said to know how, when and where the mortals will die.

While both were hailed as prophets, the kind that would allow their followers a small glimpse of their knowledge, the two were very different.
Yngvild was the one to foresee the death of all mortals, the one cursed to witness the life and death of everyone she carried off to the void. She would weep every time she had to carry out her purpose, and the mourning turned to melancholy. She became known as the dark one of the sister. However, while unamiable, she always valued mortal lives, and did everything in her power to perserve it fo as long as possible.

However, Hel was another story entirely. Hel was said never to see the mortal struggle during her duty, nor did she had to witness the deaths time and again. Instead, she saw where their souls fared post-mortem, and she saw the potential of the newly freed souls. Seeing how death could spur new life and new beginnings, she remained positive. She didn’t see death as a bad thing, and in turn, her respect for mortal life dwindled. Eventually, she hit a low-point. She became obsessed with spurring new life, and she encouraged her followers to speed up the process. Both by ordering her followers to kill, and by sending her followers to their deaths, she spurred the anger of her sister.

The anger grew stronger and stronger, the sisters grew ever more hostile. Eventually, it broke out into war, and their followers would have to pick their sides. The war went on for eons, with no goddess gaining an advantage over the other. However, near the end of the war, Hel made a fatal mistake. She ordered her followers to slay one of Yngvilds followers. This particular follower, Simon Longhilt, happened to be the 7’s religions leader, and Hels followers saw her true colors.
Many abandoned Hel only to support Yngvild, and through this worship, Yngvild mustered the strength to strike Hel out of the astral plane, forever engaging Hel in the mortal struggle.
The war had ended, and Yngvild assumed that her sister would die from her injuries. With the betrayal of her sister fresh in mind, she wanted to prepare against another. To this end, she enlisted the noble soul of Simon Longhilt as her herald, and he has remained by her side to this day.

The Twin Valkyries

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