The Clergy of the Six

While the elites of the clergy are sent to the Sanctus Missa, the Clergy is widespread over the entirety of civilized Alia. Every city and village has a temple dedicated to the Clergy. While the size and influence varies greatly on the city, the more prestigious locations has more influental temples.
Every temple offers training and guidance for aspiring healers, clerics and on occasion, mages.

Aside from the Sanctus Missa, which is the main seat of the Clergy, Kentraan has by far the largest temple, scaling an entire district withing it and housing a thousand priests, clerics and defenders of faith. It is also the main resting stop for travelling pilgrims and other travellers who seek Sanctus Missa.

Both Genosia and Saihpix has a dedicated temple, whereas the Temple is more influental in Genosia than in Saihpix. Because Genosia is considered the cradle of Alian society, it also has a special place in Alian history and religious views.
Saihpix on the other hand was never more than a buffer village, with a main focus on trade, fishing and lodging. Therefore, it’s temple is smaller and less revered, but there is still a religious following there.

However, while most of Alia is rather religious, Narmetch is more secular. With many worldly influences and a huge focus on trade, the religious focus has become secondary to most everything else.
There are indeed minor temples and gathering places in Narmetch, but none of them has any political authority.

The Clergy of the Six

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