Bene, the Caretaker

If Gorm is the Noble Warrior that opposes Tyranny and fells Tyrants, then Bene is the one that stays behind to mend any and all that were hurt in the assault.

Bene is the god of healing, kindness and care. By many, he is seen as the very avatar of love, and is the most popular of the pantheon. While scholars agree that the gods derive powers from worship, Bene seens to be content with his current position in the Astral Plane. Content with acting on his love for mortals, he cares not for power or glory.

Granting his followers the means to save and care for friends and foes alike, the followers of Bene are known to show unwavering kindness to whoeve they meet. Thus Bene’s followers are resolute in their faith, and are always eager to spring to action for their loved ones. Many a Cleric and priest owes their powers to Bene, powers which Bene are happy to grant.

Alongside Adia and Gorm, Bene forms the Mortal Triad. With Gorm as their enforcer and Adia at the head of the triad, Bene enjoys the protection of both as he exercises his love for every mortal.
It is said that through time, Adia has broken peace and brought wrath down upon those who would hurt Bene, and that Gorm has slain entire armies for the same offense.

Bene, the Caretaker

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