Alia - The Age of Exploration

Chapter 5
Farewell dear daughter

Dearest Petra,

I’ve walked this continent for a great many years now, trying to help where I can, trying to keep the forces of evil from taking over. But now in the end, it seems like it’s time for me to depart.

You said the clerics at the Temple healed me, the Chapel Mother herself, a fey not quite unlike us. Yet I doubt that even Goodwoman Hildegaard would be able to mend these wounds. Too deep and too grave, these words will be the last you’ll see of me on this earth.
Yet, there is still hope.

The travellers you fought with I have been following for some time now. By all means mundane and earthly, they aren’t who you’d expect to be heroes, yet, as I tracked you down through the temple dungeons, I saw what you were able to acheive. It filled me with hope. After all, those touched by luck often succeed where others would fail-
Perhaps they might be the ones pull mankind out of the coming catastrophe.
My last request is for you to go with them, to watch over them and all the others that I came to care for. You will never become as powerful as I was, but you are still more capable than most.

All in all. I had a good run. Now as my life draws to an end, I regret little. I’ve become an old man, and I am happy to have given my life to save the four of you from that unholy menace in the catacombs.

Walk forever with my blessings.
Your Loving Father

Chapter 4
A new life!

Dear diary,
things are picking up.

It’s been just under a month since the Celebration in Genosia, and I imagine that the preparations for the Communal is almost over. I wish we were invited to the spectacle, but it seems that I will have to wait for some time yet.

Over the course of the journey, I’ve come to like the guys, Chadwick, Arthus, Nocecil. A kind-hearted bunch, if a bit hasty. Together, we’ve fought wolves, worgs, undeads and a hellish priestess. One wonders what caused the magical worgs to move into human territory. One may wonder if the Calamity will come in the form of powerful beings lurking the mountains and deep forests.

While certaintly a frightening idea, we had finally set out to Kentraan, with the goals of joining the Adventurers Initiative. Chadwick said he had received a couple of letters from Mother Hildegaard that he was to deliver to Felin and the Chapel Mother in Kentraan. What an honor! An audience with the head of faith herself! It pleases me greatly that Chadwick is pursuing such noble, holy goals. I mean….aside from the whole Felin thing. A nice enough cat, but there is something off about him. I just know it!

At any rate, after a fair bit of luck, we arrived at Kentraan and sook out the initiative after insulting the farmers a little bit (Uncalled for!). Chadwick then proceeds to demand immediate membership, but that is rarely how things goes. After meeting Glimmer and Carlyle, as well as a quick history lesson, we sign up with the initiative and the boys takes part in a quick training battle versus Glimmer, Carlyle and Felin. I am not entirely sure about the result, but the boys went hard at it, lanced Glimmer, seared Felin and eventually won by surrender.

It will be interesting to see what happens next.
Sieglinde out!

Chapter 3
A trail of unholy heresy!

Dear Diary,
It has been yet another week, I hope this will not become a trend.

After receiving at Fort Brutus, we got Felin pardoned and reported our findings from the swamp to Alexis, the captain of the Fort.
He gave us the option to stay for a while as began an investigation of the swamp, of which Felin volunteered. The captain figured that we could provide valuable information, should the investigation leave them wondering.
The investigation and scouting lasted for almost a week, but the Captain offered us to take part in teambuilding exercises during our stay.

When Felin finally returned from his scouting mission, he claimed to have found a cultist compound close to the swamp. The captain was eager to act upon this information, and asked if we wanted to help clear out the compound.
Despite immideatly agreeing to it, we still had to wait for reinforcement from the clergy. The next day, two clergy archers arrived with a small posse of archers in tow.
The plan was simple. Felin goes off on his own, grabs the attention of one wing of the compound, the two groups of archers provides supressive fire and we spearhead straight into the compound.

Facing little resistance, we eventually reached a big burial chamber brimming with unholy energies. In front of us laid a giant corpse, which, surprise surprise, rose again. Seems to have been a theme as of late really. It engaged us, entirely enraged at the sight of Chadwick and his rune. It just…seemed to have a connection to her.
Chadwick rushed to her altar, and his rune locked him into place as we were left fighting the woman. She proceeded to put grave curses on us, and the fight was a struggle.
She shouted profanities and untruths about dear, kind Mother Hildegaard, and even claimed that she killed her. What heresy!

As Chadwick finished with the rune, the undead woman seemed to weaken, and we took her down. Felin seemed to join us right after, and helped us search the room. Chadwick managed to unlock her altar and we pushed off it’s lid. Inside we found a stone tablet with foreign writing.
We didnt manage to decipher much, but it said something like.
“Grave of Lindelei, daughter of the dead, follower of Hel. She who shall lead the army from the west”.

I’ve no idea what to make of that. Perhaps Hildegaard would know more.
At any rate, after this, we met up with the Clergy Archers, who lifted our curses before returning to the Fort.


Chapter 2
A dreaful walk along the marsh

Dear Diary,
It has been some time.

After accepting the mission from Guard Captain Kieran, we were invited to the revered hero Illywer’s house. We checked on Hans, (which was doing well by the way) and got some good advice before setting out.

We stayed on the road for about a week before reaching the spot where th fugitive was supposedly hiding. I cannot be entirely sure, but it felt like we were being tailed, and Chadwick saw someone up on one of the hills we passed, but he seemed convinced of that the man was just going fishing. It seems likely enough.

At any rate, one morning, we were approached by a woman bearing the badge of the temple. She seemed to know Chadwick, and begged him to help save some of the Clergy that had been misled into the swamp. Well willing to help, we set in to the swamp, only to be betrayed by the priestess. She tore into Arthus before knicking an artifact of Chadwick and leaving us on the long bridge, even dodging Nocecils attempt to stop her!
It quickly became clear that the priestess wasn’t who she claimed to be, as the real preistess rose from the swamp, dead and slightly decomposed, together with other corpses wearing the badge of Genosian service, a mass grave, how nasty.

We took a brutal beating, but in the end, we dispatched of the undead and sanctified their corpses at Chadwicks behest.
We then followed the trails of the priestess only to see her beheaded by a cat, and disbelief ran through me as she twisted and turned into a writhing formless mass post-mortem.
The cat himself, Felin, claimed to be the murdurer we were chasing, but claimed innocence, claiming that he had just killed another shapeshifting being. (He also claimed knowing Mother Hildegaard, claiming that she used to be really feisty back in the day.)
He then agreed to turn himself in, in exchange for Chadwick trying to fit his rune into a mechanism we found nearby. (The rune fit, but was without power. The cat suggested that it could be charged by divine power.)

As the day neared an end, we set off to Fort Brutus, Felin in toil, and we arrived today, a few days after the capture.


Chapter 1
Genesis - The beginning of something great.

Dear Diary,

Last night, something great happened. I arrived at Genosia and was quickly introuced to the temple and even got to see the clerics and warriors as they set off to the golden tower! Very exciting!

Later on that night, I met Brother Johan, Sister Helena, Gretel, Arthus and even a half-elf, Chadwick! We got along well enough, I sung for a while before going on an evening walk with the gang, it was nice. However, we also saw the silhouette of that thief that stole an artifact from the Temple.

The very next day, this morning, disaster seemed to strike the town. A young boy almost lost it life, however, Arthus, the boy I met at the inn during the celebration, had put everything on the line in defense of the young boy. Arthus might just be hailed as a hero after this, he surely would back in Saihpix.

While this was probably the most dramatic, a young man, Hans, had ran off with Gretel into the woods and gotten himself taken by wolves. Of course, I volunteered to go look after him, and I was joined by Chadwick, Arthus and some mixologists named Nocecil. We set out, killed a worg and a few wolves before retrieving the still breathing Hans. Success! Yay!

Upon returning to the village, we received rewards and thanks for our deed, and was offered a mission to retrieve an escaped fugitive.
I’m excited to see what comes of it.



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