Swift, Adventurer's Guild Custodian

Headstrong, clever, a true leader


While certaintly formidable in combat, her straight up combat style reveals that she is more used to paperwork and macromanagement moreso than the combat itself.
However, she knows how to play to the strength of her allies, often biding her time and waiting for the perfect moment.


Swift is the custodian of the Kentraan Adventurer’s Guild and one of it’s two founding leaders. She handles most of the processes surrounding recruitment into the guild itself, and often takes part in the trials by combat that is part of it’s initiation.

As a person, while lacking the guile and looks of Glimmer, or the staltwartness of Carlyle, she is just and determined, and always open to those who walk in the doors of the Guild.

Swift, Adventurer's Guild Custodian

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