Healer, Know-it-all, Certified sweetheart


While certaintly proficient with weapons, Sieglinde herself prefers not to actively engage the enemy. Instead, she aims to heal her allies and enable them to fight their foes on their own. As thus, she often hangs back in combat, spinning tales and singing odes to inspire her team mates.


The players first met Sieglinde during the Genosian celebration of the calling of the communal. Formidable in her own right, the 6’3" tall, green-ish lass was sure to attract attention as she mingled with members of the Clergy.

Upon meeting the players, she explained that she hailed from Saihpix, the fisherman village east from Genosia. Having been taken in by Saihpix’ chapel mother after a rough childhood, she was trained as a healer, having been recognized for her remarkable voice. However, after the communal was called, the Chapel Mother decided that it would be unsafe for her to stay in Saihpix, as her unusual appearance might cause the villagers to blame her for the calamity that so often followed the Communal.
As thus, she travelled to Genosia, to reside in their temple, seeking succor in a village less-so tormented by strange, foreign races.

Following the events that took place on the day after the Genosian celebration, she opted to tag along with the players, in the hope that she might aid them in doing good, and thus, using her unique gift to it’s fullest potential.


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