Hub of the village, slinger of drinks and occasional smartass.


Albeit being the social buffer for most of the village, no one really knows a whole lot about Richard, aside from his devilishly good drinks and total lack of culinary abilities. However, he is often the one to talk to if you need information on anybody in the village.

At some point, he travelled together with Kieran, Illywer and Hildegaard, leading a life of adventure and danger, employing his technical know-how and various brews to see the party safely through their exertions.
Eventually, he settled down together with the rest of his party, he took on a more passive role in the Genosian society.
While certaintly less prominent than his friends, he became the village’s barkeep, and eventually took in Birgitte and Brendan, orphans who lost their parent’s to a pack of savage wolves.

Being a retired alchemist and fantastic mixologists, Richard has kept on teaching those interested in the crafts, his latest prodigy being Nocecil.


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