Mother Hildegaard

Mysterious sage, head priestess and loving mother (?)


As a combatant, Hildegaard has been hard to pinpoint, her virtues not limited to a speciality, but rather her ability to utilize and communicate with more or less anything spiritual. Wielding tremendous, elusive powers, she is truly an enigma.


About 20 years back, it is known that Hildegaard travelled togethre with Illywer, Richard and Kieran, somehow her special abilities to great effect. Other than this, very little is known about Hildegaard’s past.

Eventually settling down, her wide arsenal of abilities and near endless wisdom landed her the position of Chapel Mother in Genosia, and by extension, becoming the de-facto leader of the village.
Having served as the religious head of the village for two decades, she has come to know and influence the majority of the village, be it through care, tutorage or personal relations.

At some point, she came to care for the orphaned half-elf Chadwick, and proceeded to raise him as well as nurturing his talent for deciphering runes and magic scriptures.

Being the religious, spiritual and magical head of the village, she has served as the tutor for countless mages, elementalists, healers, clerics and other spiritualists of the village, having been involved with more or less everyone passing through the temple.

During the 3rd session, the players fought Lindelei, a hulking undead priestess with a rather nasty grudge against Hildegaard, calling her names such as “the harlot priestess” and the “insatiable whore”.

Mother Hildegaard

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