Boastful adventurer, dashing rogue and grand hero - according to himself.


Aside from Illywer’s boastful claims, little is known about his approach to battle, as it is not subject of much discussion.
However, according to him he employs seething rage, deadly accuracy and a cunning mind whenever he engages an opponent, preferring to keep his enemies at a distance.


Illywer is revered as a hero. Having been an adventurer about two decades back, he is said to have travelled together with Richard, Kieran and Hildegaard before eventually settling back down in Genosia.

Famous for his bowmanship and stories (often about himself), Illywer is definitely not holding back whenever he has to go into the fray. However, age eventually crept up on him, and he settled in Genosia together with the rest of his adventuring crew. Making the most of his retirement, he married and had a child, Hans.
However, his boastful nature and love for women eventually drove his wife away, and he was left to fend for himself and his child. However, his abilities as a single father couldn’t quite live up to his other virtues, leaving Hans with some serious insecurities.

Despite his vices, he has always been one to help where he can, and as thus, has proven incredibly efficint at training trackers, hunters and rogues alike.


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