Bold, brash and occasionally bashful.


Hans is a villager from Genosia and son of the revered hero Illywer.
Lacking the guile and natural father that his father possessed has led him to believe that he might not amount to much better than being a farmhand, despite his father’s misguided reassurances.

Having a bit of a father’s complex, Hans feels unworthy of his one true love, Gretel, and often tries to boast and show off if only to receive validation, which all culminated when the young lovers ran into the forest, only to get ambushed by fierce wolves.
Hans presumably sacrificed himself to save Gretel, only to be saved by the players the next day.

Aside from his love for Gretel, Hans met Brendan while working at the same farm, and he became somewhat of a brotherly rolemodel for Brendan.


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