Guard Captain Kieran

Stern but fair captain of the Genosian guard.


While he is rarely seen in combat, Illywer and Richard both commented on his approach to scouting, which more often than not involved him running out into a field, yelling something like “Come at me you godless heathens!”, only to take a solid beating while the rest of the party dispatced their foes.


Kieran has served the Genosian for the better part of the past 20 years, having quickly raised to the rank of Captain after retiring from his life as an Adventurer. Having settled down, he eventually found himself a wife and had a daughter, Gretel. However, his wife died away a couple of years prior to the player’s story, leaving him to raise a daughter on his own while still leading the city guard.

However, he was not alone in the endeavour. Illywer has pledged to assist Kieran in running Genosia and it’s defense, with both Hildegaard and Richard holding prominent roles in it’s society as well.

Being the Guard Captain, he has been instrumental in teaching new recruits how to garner and hone their martial prowess, often proving to be the main mentor for those favoring martial arts.

Guard Captain Kieran

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