Shy, sheltered and lonely.


Gretel is remarkably in the way that there isn’t anything too remarkable about her at all. Being the daughter of Guard Captain Kieran, a former adventurer, she has lived with relative ease, but also a great deal of sheltering.

While well versed in her social graces, she has made few friends save a few clerics from the temple. However, she has fallen in love with Hans, son of her fathers good friend Illywer.
However, living in the belief that her father would not let their love come to be, she often feels depressed and lonely.

It culminated in her actions of the evening of the Genosian celebration of the Communal, in which she ran off with Hans, only to be saved by him later while fleeing a pack of fierce wolves.
She beckoned the player’s to help save Hans, an endeavour in which they ultimately succeeded.



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