Beautiful, virtuous, golden perfection.


Most often fighting together with Carlyle, she hangs back in combat, singing battle hymns and knocking arrows, using her charm and personality to beguile both friend and foe.


Glimmer is the kind of person that could win over everyone. A spotless face, golden brown eyes and hair, a sleek smile and a thin body, her beauty is unrivaled in this age.

Perhaps a bit too perfect, she claims not to find easy unless she is out and about, which led her to sign up with the Adventurer’s Guild, most often travelling together with Carlyle and two other unnamed members of the guild.

When first met, she can be seen chatting with Carlyle and Felin, seemingly getting along well with them, laughing and spinning tales as they see fit.
Beleiving to have met her match, she seems quite taken with Felin, but nothing more seems to come of it.
More so, she seems to find Chad rather peculiar, exhibiting a certain curiousity regarding his origin and affiliation.

As a part of the initiation into the Adventurer’s guild, she teams up with Carlyle as well as Felin to even the score.


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