Quick, nimble, fiercly charismatic and intelligence. Also painfully bold.


Through his desire to fight on his lonesome, not much can be said about his fighting styles, though the players saw him behead the doppelganger they were pursuing.
In the training battle versus the player party, he displayed an impressive ability of subterfuge, hiding away from his opponents only to sneak up on them and landing devestating blows, as well as an impressive fortitude. However, even then, there was nothing too spectacular about his combat prowess.
Before the battle, he also snagged a potion from Nocecil, perhaps indicating that for a rogue, a battle is often won before it even begins.

However, there is of course a possibility that his main skill is twisting words and spinning tales in order to make people back off.

He has expressed a preference for working alone, scouting and fighting on his lonesome, as apparent in the infiltration of the cultist compound close to Fort Brutus. However, he explained this by saying that as a wanted fugitive, no one were likely to mourn him, and that due to that, he would rather endanger himself than others.


Felin can best be described as a smooth-talking enigma. When encountering the players, he quickly revealed himself to be the killer they were chasing down, claiming that he was killing a doppelganger and came to the swamp in order to kill it’s companion, thus ending it’s reign of terror.

After being seemingly pardoned by the players, he tagged along to Fort Brutus in order to turn himself in, before accepting a scouting mission on behalf of the Fort Brutus guard,
When he returned, he reported a cultist compound not far from the fort, and joined the players in an successful attempt to clear said compound.
After the compound had been cleared, he joined the crew once more to search the inner chambers of the compound.

In his interraction with the players and other people, he seems quite light-hearted and kind, even if a bit eccentric. He boasts some knowledge of magic and religion, as well as being a skilled fighter.


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