The tin can man, brave fighter and brilliant Paladin Initiate.


Carlyle, as a Paladin initiate, is well versed in battle, sporting both martial and spiritual prowess and emplying them both in battle.
Charging in in heavy armor, he often fights on the frontline, shielding his teammates and creating openings.


Carlyle is a young gnome fighter, originally hailing from Hulderplatz, but relocated to Kentraan together with his father.
After living in Kentraan for a while, he became enamoured with the Clergy, and decided that he himself wanted to become a Paladin, and began training arduously to achieve his goal.

His father, now a wealthy member of the Crafters Guild helped him happily, fully believing that his son could become the first gnome paladin of the Clergy.

At some point, he gained admittance to the Clergy, but after being denied a promotion, he was given leave to travel and improve himself so that he could qualify for the promotion later on. As such, he wound up joining the adventurers guild, intending on doing good while improving. Here he joined a party together with a beautiful human woman, as well as two currently unknown members of the guild.


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