Alia - The Age of Exploration

Chapter 4

A new life!

Dear diary,
things are picking up.

It’s been just under a month since the Celebration in Genosia, and I imagine that the preparations for the Communal is almost over. I wish we were invited to the spectacle, but it seems that I will have to wait for some time yet.

Over the course of the journey, I’ve come to like the guys, Chadwick, Arthus, Nocecil. A kind-hearted bunch, if a bit hasty. Together, we’ve fought wolves, worgs, undeads and a hellish priestess. One wonders what caused the magical worgs to move into human territory. One may wonder if the Calamity will come in the form of powerful beings lurking the mountains and deep forests.

While certaintly a frightening idea, we had finally set out to Kentraan, with the goals of joining the Adventurers Initiative. Chadwick said he had received a couple of letters from Mother Hildegaard that he was to deliver to Felin and the Chapel Mother in Kentraan. What an honor! An audience with the head of faith herself! It pleases me greatly that Chadwick is pursuing such noble, holy goals. I mean….aside from the whole Felin thing. A nice enough cat, but there is something off about him. I just know it!

At any rate, after a fair bit of luck, we arrived at Kentraan and sook out the initiative after insulting the farmers a little bit (Uncalled for!). Chadwick then proceeds to demand immediate membership, but that is rarely how things goes. After meeting Glimmer and Carlyle, as well as a quick history lesson, we sign up with the initiative and the boys takes part in a quick training battle versus Glimmer, Carlyle and Felin. I am not entirely sure about the result, but the boys went hard at it, lanced Glimmer, seared Felin and eventually won by surrender.

It will be interesting to see what happens next.
Sieglinde out!



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