Alia - The Age of Exploration

Chapter 2

A dreaful walk along the marsh

Dear Diary,
It has been some time.

After accepting the mission from Guard Captain Kieran, we were invited to the revered hero Illywer’s house. We checked on Hans, (which was doing well by the way) and got some good advice before setting out.

We stayed on the road for about a week before reaching the spot where th fugitive was supposedly hiding. I cannot be entirely sure, but it felt like we were being tailed, and Chadwick saw someone up on one of the hills we passed, but he seemed convinced of that the man was just going fishing. It seems likely enough.

At any rate, one morning, we were approached by a woman bearing the badge of the temple. She seemed to know Chadwick, and begged him to help save some of the Clergy that had been misled into the swamp. Well willing to help, we set in to the swamp, only to be betrayed by the priestess. She tore into Arthus before knicking an artifact of Chadwick and leaving us on the long bridge, even dodging Nocecils attempt to stop her!
It quickly became clear that the priestess wasn’t who she claimed to be, as the real preistess rose from the swamp, dead and slightly decomposed, together with other corpses wearing the badge of Genosian service, a mass grave, how nasty.

We took a brutal beating, but in the end, we dispatched of the undead and sanctified their corpses at Chadwicks behest.
We then followed the trails of the priestess only to see her beheaded by a cat, and disbelief ran through me as she twisted and turned into a writhing formless mass post-mortem.
The cat himself, Felin, claimed to be the murdurer we were chasing, but claimed innocence, claiming that he had just killed another shapeshifting being. (He also claimed knowing Mother Hildegaard, claiming that she used to be really feisty back in the day.)
He then agreed to turn himself in, in exchange for Chadwick trying to fit his rune into a mechanism we found nearby. (The rune fit, but was without power. The cat suggested that it could be charged by divine power.)

As the day neared an end, we set off to Fort Brutus, Felin in toil, and we arrived today, a few days after the capture.




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