Alia - The Age of Exploration

Chapter 1

Genesis - The beginning of something great.

Dear Diary,

Last night, something great happened. I arrived at Genosia and was quickly introuced to the temple and even got to see the clerics and warriors as they set off to the golden tower! Very exciting!

Later on that night, I met Brother Johan, Sister Helena, Gretel, Arthus and even a half-elf, Chadwick! We got along well enough, I sung for a while before going on an evening walk with the gang, it was nice. However, we also saw the silhouette of that thief that stole an artifact from the Temple.

The very next day, this morning, disaster seemed to strike the town. A young boy almost lost it life, however, Arthus, the boy I met at the inn during the celebration, had put everything on the line in defense of the young boy. Arthus might just be hailed as a hero after this, he surely would back in Saihpix.

While this was probably the most dramatic, a young man, Hans, had ran off with Gretel into the woods and gotten himself taken by wolves. Of course, I volunteered to go look after him, and I was joined by Chadwick, Arthus and some mixologists named Nocecil. We set out, killed a worg and a few wolves before retrieving the still breathing Hans. Success! Yay!

Upon returning to the village, we received rewards and thanks for our deed, and was offered a mission to retrieve an escaped fugitive.
I’m excited to see what comes of it.




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